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THALES is a water strategy and finance advisor that draws upon an

established network of trusted collaborators recognized in the industry for their strategic, operational, financial

and technical leadership and expertise.

Laurent Auguste | Thales Water Advisors LLC


Global Water Leader

Laurent is an innovative Global Water Leader leader driven by the development of game-changing solutions for a socially and environmentally sustainable growth and is the CEO of Natane. He started his career in Japan in 1991 then then joined Veolia in 1995 in France.  In 1999, after an initial positioning in Shanghai, founded and led Veolia’s activities in South Korea and Japan. In 2008 he relocated in Chicago to become CEO of Veolia’s water activities in the Americas and contributed to the establishment of the Alliance for Water Stewardship. From 2013 to 2019 he led Veolia’s global strategy, growth and innovation as Senior Executive Vice President Development Innovation & Markets and member of the Company’s Executive Committee. Laurent is based in France.


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